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Why is DataTrading screener so special?

Design as a visual structure of content really matters. So today we share a sneak peek of DataTrading UX. Let’s explore the pic but, please , please , please , ignore the figures! They all are lorem ipsum that only help to show the general view of the product.

So, this is a workspace of the screener that shows AI signals. Can you see  a switch in the upper right corner? Due to it users switch from AI signals to Trade Advisor. Both are basic DataTrading options but today we’ll investigate  the workflow of the screener only.

The most important thing you should realize before using DataTrading screener is that its AI doesn’t predict definite prices in the near future. In this case, your reasonable question is “Why?” Coz we created  even more efficient strategy  that performs extra high profitability under ultra low risks.

DataTrading screener forecasts the 3-8% price growth over the next 24 hours. If the system recognizes the trend for some assets it starts to recommend to BUY  them in a green frame. In addition, under the signal you can see the confidence level of prediction in percentage. If the system is not positive  about the prediction, in other words, the confidence level of the signal is low then the screener interprets the signal as AVOID – the red frame. If the price volatility is very little, DataTrading AI recommends to HOLD – the grey signal. Pay attention that next to each BUY signal you can find the exact time  when the signal was generated. It additionally helps to identify the reliability of the signal. Moreover, in the signal frame you can see the price range – minimum & maximum. In this segment the signal is considered as the most valid within 24 hours. For unactivated pairs you can’t see signals but you can UNLOCK the option at any time purchasing an appropriate package.Next time we’ll tell you about the trade advisor. Follow us on Facebook and Telegram to get the latest news.

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