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We strive to be on the same page with the actual financial world

Crypto enthusiasts believe that Bitcoin is a new store of value  and it has far greater potential for future gain compared to  fiat. As the result, traders often measure altcoins against BTC. They want to see clearly how effective they are while accumulating as much BTC as possible. When you measure against BTC you peg a moving target against another moving target and it can be pretty sophisticated to realize the pure profitability. Still BTC is the most trending pair and strategically it is a good point to observe the global crypto reality.

We strive to be on the same page with the actual financial world so here we are to present you some sexy figures measured in BTC. They were generated via following DataTrading AI signals for the last 4 months. Do not forget that it was a horrible  season for many traders. We chose top 130 pairs on Binance. And to make the story even more impressive  we added figures you would get just hodling all along. So the grand total revenue produced via DataTrading reached 10890%  for the period. It’s roughly 84% per altcoin. Fabulous results for the times of the great crypto collapse and fatality. In this case, «hold on for dear life» strategy turned out to be ultimately unprofitable. Grand total losses amount -2773% , which is -20% per altcoin.

More figures on how effective DataTrading service is. 

Average monthly profits with DataTrading:
March 27%
April 61%
May 7%
June 0,35%

Compare with gains on hodling:
March -15%
April 45%
May -20%
June -27%

You see? DataTrading won’t let you down!

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