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What if we can create the richest country in the world?

Our CEO Anton Vokrug has this insane idea he couldn’t keep a secret. He has been buzzing about it in the office all day, so we decided to share it with you and to get your opinion on it. We just can’t leave it without attention.

So, there’s this teeny-tiny country Nauru located on the same named island. It’s population is only nearly 10 000 people. Nauru is an officially independent and worldwide recognized state.

What’s the deal? Imagine that we take 10 richest investors who trust in blockchain-economy. We try to make them official citizens of Nauru in any legal way possible (marrying a Nauruan woman counts as well ). They live there happily till the presidential election. When time comes, we,  by hook or by crook, try to make our investors take the posts of the president, ministers of economy, and thus, replace all the governmental unit. It’s not a big deal to become an influencer for 10 000 people.
Eventually, we make the legislation take the blockchain’s side as well, announce bitcoin as a natioanal currency, legalize mining, establish a blockchain bank and become an official blockchain offshore.

Finally, we become the first official country that de jure admits and allows cryptocurrency, minning, ICO. Gather all the libertarians, crypto-economists, data-scientists, progressive economists and become the richest country in the world

Are you in?
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