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Hello friends!
Today we are proud to announce our first demo to you. Its main idea is to give you the understanding of the future functionality of the DataTrading platform. So far, it’s only a backtesting product.

These are only the first steps of the Artificial intelligence learning for detecting entry point for 250 stocks on Shenzhen Exchange during 2012–2016 by DataTrading.

5 neural networks calculate expediency of going long for each stock and the aggregated score is derived. The higher the score rate is – the greater is the probability of getting the profit for more than 2% on each order during the next 10 days.

As a result, you get an aggregated heatmap for all available stocks price change and score change. The platform gives you pieces of advice where to invest and what deals to skip.
In our demo, we used the past stock data of 2012 – 2016 just for the sake of proving the concept and giving you, as a user, an idea of what you will get in the the future product when you work with the real-time data.

Each week we are achieving the results and predicting the future for traders.
We will give the early access to our beta version with relevant forecasting to the first investors. Wanna be among them? Hurry up!

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