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Trading strategy vs forecasting

Last week there were myriads of questions on my Facebook page concerning Bitcoin. “What should I do with Bitcoin? Should I be patient and wait? Should I hold? What is going on with this cryptocurrency?!” 

Frankly speaking, I am blown away by such posts and “investors”. All these questions mean that they took their money, registered Bitcoin wallet (which is no easy task at all!), found crypto exchange and bought Bitcoin. They invested in the industry, which they do not even fully understand!

When clients come to and ask for the forecast of any financial market (stock market, cryptocurrency market, etc.), we start cooperation with the statement that a good trading strategy, not the forecast itself, brings profit! The trading strategy is an algorithm that suggests what to do when the rate/price goes up or down. Do you understand? A good trading strategy helps not only to save money but also to multiply it! Think twice before you invest in any project, whether Bitcoin or Apple shares. The fact that you did not have any profit means that some other person earned it!

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