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???? To hodl or not to hodl? ????

It’s a common trading strategy question for cryptocurrency market since the beginning. When the price, in general, goes up  and you’re not the king of scalping you probably prefer to hodl. Maybe, it’s not so profitable as it could be but you feel fine and safe. And what to do if market falls down  for too long? The FUD keeps you from being comfortable with your investment and trading becomes much riskier than before. But handle the truth, while hodling you lose in any case.

So we decided to compare the efficiency of trading based on DataTrading signals and simple hodling for the last 4 months. For many traders the period was extra   painful. And we’re proud to announce the results.  Trading up to top 10 coins vs USDT using AI turned out to be a real money-making deal. 293,5% of profit for the whole period. In addition, the average monthly profit per coin was 8,72%. And this is the results generated in conditions of the dramatically declining market. Meanwhile holding turned out to be an ultimately suicidal strategy as losses have reached -358,5%. Just check out the numbers and make sure that DataTrading is a fantastic stuff  for smart trading even in times of stagnation.

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