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22 Apr 2018

DataTrading attended the Worldwide Blockchain Exhibition 2019

Today we want to tell you more about the conference we attended in April 2018! ? Worldwide Blockchain Exhibition 2019 took place in Shenzhen, China. More than 1500 guests including top-ranking officers, dignitaries of the biggest Chinese governmental enterprises, famous financier and economists, representatives of all the organizations dealing with blockchain and worldwide known companies…

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20 Mar 2018

The longest and the most beneficial trip to China!

Hello, DataTrading family! We keep on updating you on our big trip to China! Anton Vokrug is now actively meeting with our DataTrading partners and clients. It’s our longest business trip that can become the most successful and beneficial one(so far). In order to realize all the tasks we have set in China, our CTO Alexander…

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12 Mar 2018

Inventor vs Society

There are four factors that get in the way between the inventor and the acceptance of his invention by the society. The first and the most obvious factor is the objective economic value of the new technology in comparison with the old one. Cars are objectively better than carts with horses, and the Internet is…

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07 Mar 2018

Plan on conquering Chinese market

As we promised, we continue telling you about our trip to China. Every day is pre-planned, new meetings are added every hour and we are getting to know so many new people, who are looking forward to discuss DataTrading. One of such meetings was over the weekend. We had an absolute pleasure to meet over…

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06 Mar 2018

Meeting with our leading partner in China

Token Sale is officially over and we got to hit the road! Anton Vokrug and Eugene Potemskyi are currently in China, meeting with all the investors, partners and advisors interested in the bright future of DataTrading. Now, we are working not only on the technical development and implementation of new features (we are doing that…

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05 Dec 2017

DataTrading new advisors!

It’s time to introduce to you our two new advisors from China – Zeng LianBin and Huang DaoLin. Zeng LianBin graduated from the Zhongnan University and got his Doctor of Science in the field of cartography and geographic information technology. The key area of his activities is studying of graphs and big data. In 2011…

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29 Nov 2017

Huge Southeast Asia Tour

After a change in Amsterdam, we had a wonderful flight to Hong Kong. Yesterday we were a bit jetlegged , that’s why spent first part of the day wandering around the city, visiting favorite places, eating street food and meeting with investors in the afternoon telling them about DataTrading platform. Got so many meeting to…

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15 Sep 2017


Today I want to be a mythbuster! There is an opinion that the Chinese do not live but survive, that they eat every living creature, get sick a lot, suffer from the dictatorship of communism and live a poor life in the slums! I do not want to disappoint you, but if you draw analogies,…

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12 Sep 2017

Visiting a conference on Big Data in China – done!

Visiting a conference on Big Data in China – done! It was interesting! Good news is that we had a translator, who is also our partner in China. To summarize, we have understood that China generates a huge amount of data every second; all data is carefully collected and calculated with the help of specific…

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09 Sep 2017

Real adventure

Do you want to know what the real adventure is? It’s when you greet the sunrise next to your partner and technical director at an altitude of 11,000 meters above the ground level. It is so romantic! It’s when you arrive at Hong Kong airport and immediately take a high-speed train to the embankment and…

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