DataTrading is an innovative Artificial Intelligence platform for smart investment & trading
05 Feb 2019

Unlock the full power of DataTrading updates

Start with easy onboarding. Since now you can log in and sign up via your Facebook account. The user flow has also become smoother and handier. Check out charts to make sure. Finally, we have added a 4-day free trial so that new customers can explore all the secrets of smart trading for free. DataTrading…

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27 Dec 2018

🚀NYSE and NASDAQ signals were added on the DataTrading platform!🚀

The Christmas time has arrived and we are ready to share some amazing news with you! Since now on, the signals for the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are available on the platform! You can enjoy the high quality of smart trading on the US stock markets with the help of innovative AI Screener…

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01 Nov 2018

A good day to share plans for the near future

To put it briefly, in a week or two we’ll start accepting BTC & ETH so it’ll be easier for new customers to buy DataTrading signals. Still DTT tokens remain the basic method of payment. Also we’re about to launch signals for the U.S. stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ) and Shanghai stock exchange. Right now we’re…

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07 Sep 2018

DataTrading 1.0. Official release

A great day for the DataTrading community! Thousands of working hours, discussions, preparations… We are ready to introduce the first version of the DataTrading platform to our community! The DataTrading platform is a unique AI-based platform for smart crypto trading. Its first version includes AI Screener and Trade Adviser to make your trading experience unforgettable…

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31 Aug 2018

The DataTrading platform is almost at your fingertips

Beta testing is still in progress and we’re always open for any kind of comments from you, ❤️ our-beloved-best-testers-in-the-world ❤️. But we’re about to launch DataTrading publicly as early as next week. So it’s high time ⏰ to purchase DTT tokens unless you’ve already got them. Shameless reminder – you can buy some with ETH on ForkDelta exchange!/trade/DTT-ETH Hurry up…

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23 Aug 2018

First feedback from beta testers

You know, we have fantastic beta testers who really care about the product.  Starting with the first report they share with us helpful information about bugs and pitfalls we’re trying to fix or prevent asap. They also give valuable recommendations and proposals on how to increase the usability of the product. We strongly appreciate 🤗 all your…

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24 Nov 2017

Self training neural networks

It’s the 4th day of the ICO pre-sale.Already gathered over $600k ???? But don’t think that we are just sitting in the office, counting each new investment and opening another bottle of champagne. Our developers are makng new achievements every day. But they are nearly impossible for an average user to track. Since today, on…

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13 Nov 2017

Try our demo!

Hello friends! Today we are proud to announce our first demo to you. Its main idea is to give you the understanding of the future functionality of the DataTrading platform. So far, it’s only a backtesting product. These are only the first steps of the Artificial intelligence learning for detecting entry point for 250 stocks…

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