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24 Nov 2017

Self training neural networks

It’s the 4th day of the ICO pre-sale.Already gathered over $600k ???? But don’t think that we are just sitting in the office, counting each new investment and opening another bottle of champagne. Our developers are makng new achievements every day. But they are nearly impossible for an average user to track. Since today, on…

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22 Nov 2017

Business should be utilitarian

When I am stressed, I usually go to my house in the countryside. It is in the woods, there are no water pipes, gas or indoor toilet. Why do I go? Everything is simple there! There are no fashionable shoes, but there are warm and waterproof army boots. Any rubbish is divided into two types;…

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21 Nov 2017

Tomorrow never waits

I am fed up with all the “prophets” and economists who talk about the collapse of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency! I have never met more narrow-minded people in my life! I still meet “economists” who advocate the return of the gold standard, because gold does not rust and looks good. It is such a pity that…

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17 Nov 2017

Our big tour to the Southeast Asia!

Founders of DataTrading – Anton Vokrug and Alexander Gandzha are going on a big tour to the Southeast Asia. Every potential tokens’ buyer can meet with them in person. Check out the list below with the citites and dates available for a face-to-face meeting. The contacs are included as well. We highly appreciate every client…

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13 Nov 2017

Try our demo!

Hello friends! Today we are proud to announce our first demo to you. Its main idea is to give you the understanding of the future functionality of the DataTrading platform. So far, it’s only a backtesting product. These are only the first steps of the Artificial intelligence learning for detecting entry point for 250 stocks…

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09 Nov 2017

Minimize your risks via stock market cluster analysis

This Thursday wanted to give you a heads up on the proccess of creating our product. In case you didn’t know, 16 developers are involved into building a forecasting trading platform. This week we are releasing our MVP and a cabinet for investors. So, stay tuned for more details and news. We will make an…

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20 Sep 2017

‘Real sector’ and IT…

When we were engaged in IT outsourcing, our team cooperated with many clients from the so-called real sector. Those people had a poor understanding of what we are doing, but they really wanted to be a part of the Internet business. Our projects were quite costly because the team wanted to have a good motivation…

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