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08 Nov 2017

What if we can create the richest country in the world?

Our CEO Anton Vokrug has this insane idea he couldn’t keep a secret. He has been buzzing about it in the office all day, so we decided to share it with you and to get your opinion on it. We just can’t leave it without attention. So, there’s this teeny-tiny country Nauru located on the same…

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05 Nov 2017

What you can buy for a cryptocurrency?

A couple of days ago Anton Vokrug was interviewed. The main question was, of course, about the paying capabilities of the bitcoin. Is it convenient? Is it necessary? Can I use it to pay for the services? Indeed, you can! We paid for posting news about our DataTading token sale on two dozens of mass…

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25 Sep 2017

Trading strategy vs forecasting

Last week there were myriads of questions on my Facebook page concerning Bitcoin. “What should I do with Bitcoin? Should I be patient and wait? Should I hold? What is going on with this cryptocurrency?!”  Frankly speaking, I am blown away by such posts and “investors”. All these questions mean that they took their money,…

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20 Sep 2017

‘Real sector’ and IT…

When we were engaged in IT outsourcing, our team cooperated with many clients from the so-called real sector. Those people had a poor understanding of what we are doing, but they really wanted to be a part of the Internet business. Our projects were quite costly because the team wanted to have a good motivation…

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