DataTrading is an innovative Artificial Intelligence platform for smart investment & trading
22 Feb 2019

24% profit in just 6 weeks?! Everything is possible with DataTrading!

Today DataTrading is ready to roll out new forward testing results on real money! Our team has been conducting test trading during the 6 weeks period from January till February 2019. Every day we traded 3 different coins available on the DataTrading platform using the AI signals generated by our system ( BUY, SELL, HOLD)….

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21 Nov 2018

DataTrading is a story that excites

DataTrading is an AI-based platform for smart trading decisions. DataTrading AI-screener and Trade adviser will help you to make trades wisely and don’t lose money. Even on falling market DataTrading screener gives positive results with long-only strategy.

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27 Jun 2018

DataTrading AI backtesting results that will impress you!

Recently we promised you to show more numbers about the DataTrading AI-based platform that our team is currently working on. Today we have some impressive news to share with you! Are you ready? ???? We have been testing 1403 trading tools for the stock market from January 2012 till December 2017 with trade average length…

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29 Mar 2018

$50 000 000 for the unique AI-based DataTrading platform!

Dear members of the DataTrading community! In March 2018 DataTrading team had one the the most sucessful and beneficial business trips to China and Hong Kong. Anton Vokrug, CEO, Alexander Gandzha, CTO, Dmitriy Tomchuk, Managing partner, Eugene Potemskyi, CBDO and Yuliya Chashchina, Development of international relations partner, had a meeting with the top Chinese companies,…

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20 Feb 2018

DataTrading Managing Partner is opening new partnership opportunities in New York

Travelling is always exciting. Especially, when it’s a business trip. Especially to the USA. Our managing partner Dmitry Tomchuk flew to New York for an extremely important negotiation with people interested in DataTrading project. Today he is meeting with potential partners on Wall Street and also visiting Midtown Manhattan – hearts of business and finance. He…

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31Dec 2017

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27 Dec 2017

Most ICO-projects communicate with each other via Telegram

?You won’t believe it, but most ICO-projects communicate with each other using the app Telegram. The admission to such chats is highly restricted. You can only enter them if you are conducting an ICO; which is a very good filter!? We are members of several chats. Currently, there are more and more reports about crypto-hucksters,…

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26 Dec 2017

Hong Kong approves DataTrading concept!

Predicting the future is rather a misty matter. Well, maybe only if you are a gypsy, a cookie with a note or a palmist. At DataTrading we don’t belive into accidental occasions that can bring people a forture or into lines on the hand which tangle and guarantee you a cloudless future. At DataTrading we…

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26 Dec 2017

The most amazing news of the year!

DataTrading has just finished negotiations with the world most prominent software, data, and media company Bloomberg L.P., headquartered in New York, USA! As the result of long-lasting negotiations, DataTrading and Bloomberg L.P. have signed cooperation agreement! In 2018 Bloomberg L.P. will use DataTrading screener of stocks/ crypto assets and constructor of machine learning in order…

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25 Dec 2017

Correction is sacred!

“In #DataTrading office, we bought a huge banner “Correction is sacred!”. You should not think that this is sacrilege, we just want to convey the information that ANY investment tool, either barrel of oil, or ounce of gold, or Apple shares,or the cost of Bitcoin, does not grow exponentially up. Never!???? Any course ALWAYS makes…

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