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26 Dec 2017

Hong Kong approves DataTrading concept!

Predicting the future is rather a misty matter. Well, maybe only if you are a gypsy, a cookie with a note or a palmist. At DataTrading we don’t belive into accidental occasions that can bring people a forture or into lines on the hand which tangle and guarantee you a cloudless future. At DataTrading we…

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25 Dec 2017

Correction is sacred!

“In #DataTrading office, we bought a huge banner “Correction is sacred!”. You should not think that this is sacrilege, we just want to convey the information that ANY investment tool, either barrel of oil, or ounce of gold, or Apple shares,or the cost of Bitcoin, does not grow exponentially up. Never!???? Any course ALWAYS makes…

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12 Dec 2017

DataTrading programmers are mentoring at Microsoft Conference

Last Thursday our Head Data Scientist – Bohdan was a speaker at the Microsoft conference in Unit city. The presentation consisted of 2 parts. The first was devoted to the architectual peculiarities of the networks. Bohdan demonstrated how to create basic networks, told about the RNN, LSTM networks’ architectures and reviewed their components in more…

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29 Nov 2017

Huge Southeast Asia Tour

After a change in Amsterdam, we had a wonderful flight to Hong Kong. Yesterday we were a bit jetlegged , that’s why spent first part of the day wandering around the city, visiting favorite places, eating street food and meeting with investors in the afternoon telling them about DataTrading platform. Got so many meeting to…

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24 Nov 2017

Self training neural networks

It’s the 4th day of the ICO pre-sale.Already gathered over $600k ???? But don’t think that we are just sitting in the office, counting each new investment and opening another bottle of champagne. Our developers are makng new achievements every day. But they are nearly impossible for an average user to track. Since today, on…

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22 Nov 2017

Big Tour to the Southeast Asia!

Founders of DataTrading – Anton Vokrug and Alexander Gandzha are going on a big tour to the Southeast Asia. Every potential tokens’ buyer can meet with them in person. Check out the list below with the citites and dates available for a face-to-face meeting. The contacs are included as well. We highly appreciate every client…

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13 Nov 2017

Try our demo!

Hello friends! Today we are proud to announce our first demo to you. Its main idea is to give you the understanding of the future functionality of the DataTrading platform. So far, it’s only a backtesting product. These are only the first steps of the Artificial intelligence learning for detecting entry point for 250 stocks…

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08 Nov 2017

What if we can create the richest country in the world?

Our CEO Anton Vokrug has this insane idea he couldn’t keep a secret. He has been buzzing about it in the office all day, so we decided to share it with you and to get your opinion on it. We just can’t leave it without attention. So, there’s this teeny-tiny country Nauru located on the same…

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10 Oct 2017

About blockchain in a few words

People ask me myriads of questions about blockchain so I decided to write a short note and will try to make it as simple as possible. First of all, blockchain is about storing data. It can function without Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies in general. Its necessity is a secondary question, but potentially it is possible….

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