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Real adventure

Do you want to know what the real adventure is? It’s when you greet the sunrise next to your partner and technical director at an altitude of 11,000 meters above the ground level. It is so romantic!

It’s when you arrive at Hong Kong airport and immediately take a high-speed train to the embankment and walk there in the rain for a couple of hours, followed by a fog and a downpour. Although, there is nothing unusual in it.

After that, you go back to the airport and get a fixed-route taxi, which the Chinese call a limousine and drive to Mainland China, to the place where Hong Kong ends and China begins. You have to make it before 23 pm, otherwise, you would just stay there the whole night.

Then you pass border control in one of the 20 channels where the Chinese check your body temperature instead of your luggage! Yes, they check the body temperature of every passenger with a laser thermometer. The law states that if you have a fever, cough or other symptoms of ARVI, then you will not be able to cross the border control successfully.

But this is not the end of your adventures. If you do not have a temperature, 20 meters after the Chinese border control finishes, you are dropped out of the limousine and then you have to take a taxi to Shenzhen. The taxi driver who brings you to the hotel does not speak English at all!

24 hours on the road, more than 5,000 kilometers of the way and that’s how you get into the wondrous another world – Shenzhen! Is it worth it? Yes, yes!



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