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Plan on conquering Chinese market

As we promised, we continue telling you about our trip to China. Every day is pre-planned, new meetings are added every hour and we are getting to know so many new people, who are looking forward to discuss DataTrading.

One of such meetings was over the weekend. We had an absolute pleasure to meet over a cup of tea with our advisor – Jason Guo. Jason is the key player in the Chinese blockchain industry and has lots of connections, interested in joining our advisory and partners boards.

He shared with us so many secrets about the local blockchain and cryptocurrency markets and how they’re going to develop, told about how we should act in their environments and what steps would lead to success. There’s no better thing than having a person on your team, who knows all the insights that are not available to an average citizen.

We also discussed and agreed on the development strategy of the product and the sales strategy created specially for China.

Stay tuned for more news!

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