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10 Oct 2017

About blockchain in a few words

People ask me myriads of questions about blockchain so I decided to write a short note and will try to make it as simple as possible. First of all, blockchain is about storing data. It can function without Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies in general. Its necessity is a secondary question, but potentially it is possible….

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25 Sep 2017

Trading strategy vs forecasting

Last week there were myriads of questions on my Facebook page concerning Bitcoin. “What should I do with Bitcoin? Should I be patient and wait? Should I hold? What is going on with this cryptocurrency?!”  Frankly speaking, I am blown away by such posts and “investors”. All these questions mean that they took their money,…

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20 Sep 2017

‘Real sector’ and IT…

When we were engaged in IT outsourcing, our team cooperated with many clients from the so-called real sector. Those people had a poor understanding of what we are doing, but they really wanted to be a part of the Internet business. Our projects were quite costly because the team wanted to have a good motivation…

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19 Sep 2017

Tomorrow never waits!

While on the train, I am observing the workers serving railway tracks. Do they realize that we are witnessing the large-scale global transformations? Changes in infrastructure, financial relations, politics, government, social life. While these workers are doing their job, I can not stop thinking about how much the world will be changed soon! Blockchain, crypto-economy, ICO —…

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15 Sep 2017


Today I want to be a mythbuster! There is an opinion that the Chinese do not live but survive, that they eat every living creature, get sick a lot, suffer from the dictatorship of communism and live a poor life in the slums! I do not want to disappoint you, but if you draw analogies,…

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14 Sep 2017

The situation on the ICOs in China

Almost everyone knows that recently China has banned ICOs and will most probably make the crypto industry even more inaccessible soon. Shortly after the ICOs were officially banned, cryptocurrency exchange rates decreased sharply all over the world. Pure fundamentalism! In fact, this process is very positive for the crypto industry, because weak capital leaves, strong…

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12 Sep 2017

Visiting a conference on Big Data in China – done!

Visiting a conference on Big Data in China – done! It was interesting! Good news is that we had a translator, who is also our partner in China. To summarize, we have understood that China generates a huge amount of data every second; all data is carefully collected and calculated with the help of specific…

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09 Sep 2017

Real adventure

Do you want to know what the real adventure is? It’s when you greet the sunrise next to your partner and technical director at an altitude of 11,000 meters above the ground level. It is so romantic! It’s when you arrive at Hong Kong airport and immediately take a high-speed train to the embankment and…

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