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05 Oct 2018

Average monthly profit to BTC (March – August, 2018)

Our developer team rolled out fresh backtesting results over the last six months. While the pure trading backtest uses Entry Points only to calculate the final profit, our developers came up with an idea how to take in consideration unavoidable deviations that happen in real life all the time. When deviations from Entry Points are…

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24 Sep 2018

🇨🇳️ Intensive business travel across China goes on

The next destination after Shanghai is Shenzhen. Here Anton Vokrug, Yuliya Chashchina and Eugene Potemskyi meet with good old partners of DataTrading to discuss details of product integration with major Chinese stock exchanges. 💹 In other words, we’re working on the service upgrade to the level when it will be able to generate signals and trade tips for Asian stock market.💱 🤝 In…

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20 Sep 2018

Odessa Blockchain Summit participation

🎯 So many things are happening almost at once that we barely have time to tell you about at least some of them. Two weeks have passed since Odessa Blockchain Summit where the DataTrading CBDO Eugene Potemskyi made an impressive speech about actual use cases of blockchain technology in business. Intensive networking, exciting reports, groundwork for collaboration, fresh ideas, perfect…

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18 Sep 2018

Blockchain Practitioner Conference 2018

Today the representatives of DataTrading have started a fruitful and promising business trip to China. The first event that Anton Vokrug, Eugene Potemskyi, and Julia Chashchina have attended was the Blockchain Practitioner Conference China 2018. As a speaker of the conference, Eugene Potemskyi shared the DataTrading experience of integrating blockchain into the trading industry. His…

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17 Sep 2018

Business trip to China

Our team continues promoting and presenting the DataTrading product to investors and business circles from all around the world. In September we have a lot of perspective meetings planned both in Ukraine and China. The world should know about DataTrading! Anton Vokrug, CEO, Eugene Potemskyi, CBDO and Julia Chashchina, Development of international relations partner are about to…

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11 Sep 2018

Blogger collaboration program

Hype thread for crypto enthusiasts! We start a new blogger collaboration program. If you have 1000+ of real followers on any social media platform – Facebook, Telegram, YouTube or Twitter – and you don’t mind to earn money just trading and telling about DataTrading service once a week then send us a request to join…

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07 Sep 2018

DataTrading 1.0. Official release

A great day for the DataTrading community! Thousands of working hours, discussions, preparations… We are ready to introduce the first version of the DataTrading platform to our community! The DataTrading platform is a unique AI-based platform for smart crypto trading. Its first version includes AI Screener and Trade Adviser to make your trading experience unforgettable…

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31 Aug 2018

DataTrading team at the Odessa Blockchain Summit

Very soon the CEO of DataTrading Anton Vokrug will be a spokesman at Odessa Blockchain Summit. His speech will be about remarkable use cases for blockchain technology in business and not only that. “Bringing new technologies into business is the matter of market competitiveness. And blockchain has already become an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution. So…

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31 Aug 2018

The DataTrading platform is almost at your fingertips

Beta testing is still in progress and we’re always open for any kind of comments from you, ❤️ our-beloved-best-testers-in-the-world ❤️. But we’re about to launch DataTrading publicly as early as next week. So it’s high time ⏰ to purchase DTT tokens unless you’ve already got them. Shameless reminder – you can buy some with ETH on ForkDelta exchange!/trade/DTT-ETH Hurry up…

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23 Aug 2018

First feedback from beta testers

You know, we have fantastic beta testers who really care about the product.  Starting with the first report they share with us helpful information about bugs and pitfalls we’re trying to fix or prevent asap. They also give valuable recommendations and proposals on how to increase the usability of the product. We strongly appreciate 🤗 all your…

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