DataTrading is an innovative Artificial Intelligence platform for smart investment & trading
19 Dec 2018

Our CEO Anton Vokrug has revealed some secrets about DataTrading and the future of the cryptocurrency industry in an exclusive interview!

“It is likely that after extensive regulation large companies will pay huge amounts of money for crypto projects which will survive. Those projects will evolve into companies with a serious product which really solve some important problems”. 🔥 Proceed to reading right now! 🔥 

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06 Dec 2018

BTC and ETH payment options are added on the DataTrading platform!

Purchasing the DataTrading sets became easier than ever! Since now on, our team has added the BTC and ETH payment options on the DataTrading platform! The DataTrading users can choose between the DataTrading token, Bitcoin or Ethereum when purchasing the sets. Already have a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet? Simply choose BTC or ETH payment options…

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21 Nov 2018

DataTrading is a story that excites

DataTrading is an AI-based platform for smart trading decisions. DataTrading AI-screener and Trade adviser will help you to make trades wisely and don’t lose money. Even on falling market DataTrading screener gives positive results with long-only strategy.

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16 Nov 2018

The minor updates of the DataTrading platform

Today our team is ready to introduce the minor updates of the DataTrading platform, which will make the user experience even more broad and exciting! First of all, we have improved the graphs attached to each of the 170+ trading pairs available on the platform. Since now on, users will be able to track the…

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08 Nov 2018

The new DataTrading educational video!

Have you already ascertained a high quality and accuracy of the DataTrading system? We realize that sometimes it might be hard to insight into all the details and features of a new product. Our team strives to make each user’s experience as positive as possible, so we have prepared a new educational video for you!…

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01 Nov 2018

A good day to share plans for the near future

To put it briefly, in a week or two we’ll start accepting BTC & ETH so it’ll be easier for new customers to buy DataTrading signals. Still DTT tokens remain the basic method of payment. Also we’re about to launch signals for the U.S. stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ) and Shanghai stock exchange. Right now we’re…

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25 Oct 2018

Successful agreement signing

A big moment for DataGroup, especially its DataTrading department as a new milestone has been reached. Last week our founders signed a great contract with our Baku’s partners. DataTrading extends horizon within economic and social cooperation. Stay with us to know more about coming upgrades.

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22 Oct 2018

Trading results

Besides backtesting methods we check out the system by ordinary intraday trading on Binance. We started with 0.1 BTC and due to DataTrading signals generated 55.9% of profit margin over the past month. Only one buy and one sell per day according to the most promising and credible signal of the Trading Adviser. Well done,…

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18 Oct 2018

Backtesting story. Part 2

Last time we shared results of the backtest to BTC. This time let’s talk about your potential profit in USDT you can make with DataTrading. Just remind you that the backtest lasted six months and covered over 130 top trading pairs of   Binance. So, here we go:   Hold Slow trading Fast trading March…

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10 Oct 2018

🎉🎉Breaking news worth sharing!🎉🎉

It’s very important for us to get closer to our customers and partners. For this reason we’ve grabbed another piece of the internet and launched a juicy DataTrading website. Coz the corporative values we perform every single day are user-oriented, innovation-driven and quality-minded. Also we deliver trading signals that change the future. Click here:

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