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Today I want to be a mythbuster! There is an opinion that the Chinese do not live but survive, that they eat every living creature, get sick a lot, suffer from the dictatorship of communism and live a poor life in the slums!

I do not want to disappoint you, but if you draw analogies, then the Chinese are just like us!
Everything you have heard about the growth of the Chinese economy is true! Over the last 20 years, China has become, if not the most powerful, then the second most powerful country in the world.
Almost all the buildings in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong have more than 50 floors. In these modern buildings, elevators lift you to the uppermost floor in less than 30 seconds. It’s so fast that you get dizzy!
There are 2 types of taxi in Shenzhen — red and blue. The latter ones are with an electric motor. More than 50% of taxis have electric motors. There are video cameras in those taxis that make sure that the taxi driver does not deceive you and is polite. Each taxi driver has identification with his name and number, there is a counter in every car.I hope that one day Ukraine will have taxis like this.
More than 20 million people currently reside in Shenzhen, but the streets are as clean as in Kyiv. Moreover, they care about ecological issues. Recently an ecological tender was announced for the purification of wastewater and coastal mud. In communist China! Such tenders in Ukraine are always won by companies affiliated with oligarchs!
The Chinese recycle! There are different trash containers for different types of trash — organic, paper, glass, plastic. So far, the Chinese have ignored this and are throwing everything into one trash bin. But as I was told by many Chinese people – it is only a matter of time until the waste disposal systems are modernized further.
In China, as well as in Hong Kong, cameras and police call buttons are located at 100-meter intervals on the street, and nobody abuses or plays with them.
Ukrainians should start working hard to improve their country rather than expecting their governments to fix everything!
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