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Most ICO-projects communicate with each other via Telegram

?You won’t believe it, but most ICO-projects communicate with each other using the app Telegram. The admission to such chats is highly restricted. You can only enter them if you are conducting an ICO; which is a very good filter!?

We are members of several chats. Currently, there are more and more reports about crypto-hucksters, who message companies with proposals of wholesale redemption of cryptocurrency at a good rate, the establishment of some exchanges or, in general, lending institutions.
We have also received similar propositions with hints, such as “what if …”.

So, I declare that #DataTrading is NOT like that, we are very different! We “live” with our product, we like it and we consider it to be useful! The funds that we attract during the ICO are targeted.

Targeted funds mean that they have a goal. And our goal is to create #DataTrading product – trade forecasting by artificial intelligence! And all the rest – from the evil one!

DataTrading wishes you a great working week!

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