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Minimize your risks via stock market cluster analysis

This Thursday wanted to give you a heads up on the proccess of creating our product. In case you didn’t know, 16 developers are involved into building a forecasting trading platform. This week we are releasing our MVP and a cabinet for investors. So, stay tuned for more details and news. We will make an announcement in a couple of days.

In a meanwhile, our engineers are working hard and showed some awesome results we want to share with you.

Team has performed a stock market cluster analysis resulting in a heat map, showing how much an abstract instrument A is similar to instrument B,
based on 5 years stock movement data on over than 1000 instruments.
Green colors show strong dependency between instruments, dim green to yellow values show independency of instruments, dark-yellow to red show inverse dependency.

Thus, one can diversify his assets so that they remain maximally independent, having their risks minimized.
How can it benefit you as an investor and trader? The investment portfolio will consist of maximully independent assets and if anything goes wrong, it won’t lead to significant losses, minimizing portfolio depreciation even in the most adverse situations.

Still have questions on how it works?
Don’t hesitate to ask!

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