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Meeting with our leading partner in China

Token Sale is officially over and we got to hit the road!
Anton Vokrug and Eugene Potemskyi are currently in China, meeting with all the investors, partners and advisors interested in the bright future of DataTrading.

Now, we are working not only on the technical development and implementation of new features (we are doing that as well, don’t worry 🙂 ), we have also dived deeply into the economic and political development of our product.

Last Saturday we met with our Leading Partner – Li YongGang in his office in Shenzhen. We talked about the success of our token sale, about the community we have built and the interest our product has raised among its current and future users.

Moreover, we discussed and coordinated on the topic of our roadmap and future development of DataTrading. We are thinking of adding new partners and variants of cooperation, including local exchanges, governmental institutions, and local businesses.
This conversation is the first step to the full-scope integration of our platform with all the Chinese stock exchanges.

Will keep you posted on our further meetings with our partners! Stay tuned!

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