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Inventor vs Society

There are four factors that get in the way between the inventor and the acceptance of his invention by the society.

The first and the most obvious factor is the objective economic value of the new technology in comparison with the old one. Cars are objectively better than carts with horses, and the Internet is objectively better than the telegraph.

The second factor is the most irrational one. It’s the value and prestigiousness in the eyes of the public. Here we can put iPhone, Levis jeans, old-school cherry “nine” from the 90th.

You can talk for ages about the advantages of the Android OS and how long does the new Meizu phone hold the battery, moreover, it has two sim cards! But nothing will ever compare to the prestige of iPhone. And you know it!

The third factor, the most mean one, is a lack of the conflict with the developed system of interests. In the 1920s, when the majority of the modern American and German cities were already lit with electricity, the British cities were still lit with gas. This happened because the British municipal authorities had invested the big capital in gas lighting and blocked electricity at the legislative level.

And last but not least, the fourth factor is an opportunity see and feel the advantages of a new technology or a new product. It is the simplest, but, often, the longest period. People, in their majority, are conservative. It’s pretty hard to stay open minded.

But it is only a matter of time. When bitcoin stops being a pyramid, and blockchain technology will replace 90% of financial and state institutions of our society.

So, fasten your belts, it will jolt, but it will fun!

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