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Hong Kong approves DataTrading concept!

Predicting the future is rather a misty matter. Well, maybe only if you are a gypsy, a cookie with a note or a palmist. At DataTrading we don’t belive into accidental occasions that can bring people a forture or into lines on the hand which tangle and guarantee you a cloudless future. At DataTrading we do believe in science.

Remember when Anton and Alex went to Asia to meet with potential investors, users, traders and all the people interested in our platform? Well, one of the connections they made intoduced Anton and Alex to his friend – the Professor of Mathematics from Hong Kong – Liu Chang. He has an over 40 years experience and his works were devoted to Big Data analyses, writing self training scripts and neural networks.

He got so interested in our project, that suggested checking our theory. It was excited for us well – kind of a proof of concept from a guru of Math. So, after signing the NDA, we gave him access to our codes, documents and everything we worked on. And guess what? He called us a month later, thrilled, talking over the phone so fast, that we could barely understand the words. He congratulated us and said, that this would truly be the changing point in forecasting trading. He spent two hours on the phone with our Head of Data Science Bohdan and CTO Alex, exchanging thoughts and suggested getting back to us from time to time, as he wants to be the part of this.

“This project gave me the second breath in science!” – said Liu. And we are more than happy about it.

Do we believe in predicting future? Yes. But only when we predict it.

Join us today to predict tomorrow.

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