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First feedback from beta testers

You know, we have fantastic beta testers who really care about the product.  Starting with the first report they share with us helpful information about bugs and pitfalls we’re trying to fix or prevent asap. They also give valuable recommendations and proposals on how to increase the usability of the product. We strongly appreciate 🤗 all your thoughts, guys, and promise to evolve for the greater good of crypto and stock trading community. And we’re absolutely excited to get the first independent feedback on the good performance of the platform. Here are some 💫 stunning 💫 reviews we got this week:

👍 “I was experimenting with 3 pairs (NEO/USDT, LTC/USDT, THETA/BTC) on Binance for 5 days. I was pretty surprised to watch how Take Profit signals sometimes perfectly and in detail predicted the coming price move. There were 3 of such ultimate forecasts that made me wowed. When the price rapidly fell down I was also pleased to see the high level of correctness for the Stop Loss signal in NEO/USDT pair.” [Marat Mityanov]

👍 “Just to let you know I’m testing the signals on DTT every day. So far I had 6 trades, 4 of them with profit (my first two hit the stop-loss, but I think I did something wrong tbh). I’m very VERY happy so far with the signals. Easy to understand and pretty on point.” [Juarez Weiss]

We’re so happy🎈 and proud 😊 to have such loyal and reliable first users. We’re still open for any comments you’d like to share with us and looking forward to continued cooperation. Join the Telegram group to follow the latest news –

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