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DataTrading spring 2018 news!

Dear members of the DataTrading community! ???
It has been a long time since we announced the last portion of amazing news about the project and its development!
But a great day has arrived – we are ready to lift the veil of secrecy and tell you the news!
?First of all, spring 2018 was full of amazing events and conferences, which we successfully attended! The members of our team were invited as honored speakers and represented our product on a high level! Among them – World Blockchain Forum 2018; Seamless Middle East: Future of Payments, Fintech, Ecommerce And Retail conference; Fintech Congress in Bahrain, Conference in Shenzhen and many others! DataTrading met a big number of clients and partners from the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and South Asia, who are interested in investing and developing our projects!
?Secondly, the developers of DataTrading were working non-stop on the DataTrading platform and its functionality! The AI-based tools which will be implemented on the DataTrading platform are already showing impressive results, which will definitely shock you! This is the best proof of our work and of our global recognition!
?Thirdly, we are ready to introduce the release candidate of the DataTrading platform to our community! The teamwork of our developers, data scientists, mathematicians, designers and marketers is showing great results – we are one year ahead of the DataTrading road map! Isn’t that AMAZING news? Each member of the DataTrading community will be able to access and test the RS in the near future!
You have made the right decision and joined the community that will soon change the future of trading forever!

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