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Correction is sacred!

“In #DataTrading office, we bought a huge banner “Correction is sacred!”. You should not think that this is sacrilege, we just want to convey the information that ANY investment tool, either barrel of oil, or ounce of gold, or Apple shares,or the cost of Bitcoin, does not grow exponentially up. Never!????
Any course ALWAYS makes a rollback, correction. The reasons are very different: the accusation of the head of the company in sexual harassment, the war in the region or the nationalization of wells, the rise in price of related resources, for example, copper and sugar cane or, the banal reason may be Christmas and New Year holidays! To analyze such kickbacks, you do not even need to be an analyst and study for an MBA.
This is called diversification. Diversification is when one diversifies his investments in various instruments. And yes, this is a great talent, this is the guarantee of your financial success!
The correction of #Bitcoin, as well as the entire market of blockchain assets, was predicted by all professionals, the only thing that I personally expected it to happen in the first days of January 2018. And if you did not fix it in the cache, this is not a reason for panic! Many angry crypto users claim “Bitcoin collapsed”. There will be the other 80% jump from March to May 2018 in the price of Bitcoin. Any market is governed by greed and fear. These two feelings change each other in human souls, like winter and summer in nature, it is naive to say that winter will be eternal, like summer. And greed will conquer fear again!

Well, fix your profit in the tokens #DataTrading #DTT!”????????????


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