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06 12月 2018

BTC и ETH были добавлены как варианты оплаты на платформе DataTrading!

Приобретение сетов DataTrading стало легче, чем когда-л…

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05 12月 2017


曾联斌 毕业于中南大学,获得地图制图学与地理信息工程博士学位,主要从事图形学和大数据的研究,2000年独立开发…

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29 11月 2017

Huge Southeast Asia Tour

After a change in Amsterdam, we had a wonderful flight …

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22 11月 2017

Business should be utilitarian

When I am stressed, I usually go to my house in the cou…

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21 11月 2017

Tomorrow never waits

I am fed up with all the “prophets” and eco…

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17 11月 2017

两位DataTrading的创始者,安东• 沃克鲁克与亚历山大•甘扎准备周游东南亚国家

两位DataTrading的创始者,安东• 沃克鲁克与亚历山大•甘扎准备周游东南亚国家。 每一个想买代币的预期…

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13 11月 2017

Try our demo!

Hello friends! Today we are proud to announce our first…

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09 11月 2017

Minimize your risks via stock market cluster analysis

This Thursday wanted to give you a heads up on the proc…

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08 11月 2017

What if we can create the richest country in the world?

Our CEO @Anton has this insane idea he couldn’t keep a …

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05 11月 2017

What you can buy for a cryptocurrency?

A couple of days ago Anton Vokrug was interviewed. The …

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