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Business should be utilitarian

When I am stressed, I usually go to my house in the countryside. It is in the woods, there are no water pipes, gas or indoor toilet. Why do I go? Everything is simple there! There are no fashionable shoes, but there are warm and waterproof army boots. Any rubbish is divided into two types; one that can be burned and one that can be turned into fertiliser. You do not have an opportunity to lie in a warm bed in the morning, because if you do not cut wood and burnt it in the oven, the temperature in the house will be only slightly higher than outside in a few hours. And yes, it is impossible to cook food without firewood.
Life in a country house is utilitarian and subordinated to real efficiency, in this situation the brain begins to work correctly, prioritize, and see prospects immediately.
But, it would seem, why do you need a description of my ascetic life? The fact is that business is exactly the same! Business processes should be effective, and decisions should be made from objective necessity. Business should be utilitarian; otherwise, it ceases to be a business and turns into a waste of inheritance, experiments or charity.
More than a week ago, almost all Ukrainian IT industry went to Portugal on WebSummit, Facebook was full of photos from Lisbon, notes on the prospects and how great it is to meet familiar faces at the airport!
And what do I want to say about this? I expect that in half a year my Facebook will be full of photos with your customers, partners and links to your successful projects!
Countdown has begun!

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