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Blogger collaboration program

Hype thread for crypto enthusiasts! We start a new blogger collaboration program.

If you have 1000+ of real followers on any social media platform – Facebook, Telegram, YouTube or Twitter – and you don’t mind to earn money just trading and telling about DataTrading service once a week then send us a request to join the program.

While being a part of this story you get full access to all the signals generated for Screener and Trade Adviser for up to 3 months. You also become an advanced participant of the referral program. What does it mean? Bloggers get 10% cashback of all DTT their referrals spent purchasing trading plans on the platform. Instead of the usual 5%. Plus, their referrals get full access to the signals for 5 days meanwhile common referrals have only 2 days to test the system.

In return, we want you to share some facts about the platform with your followers once a week. Primarily, we’re interested in your reports of how your trading activity has changed due to the service. However, we strongly appreciate creativity and personal experience. Feel free to make reviews, video guides, deep researches or just references to the platform. So, if you are a blogger and would like to cooperate just let us know. Send us an email with a link to your actual blog to the address Please, write «Blogger collaboration program» in the subject line. Or contact our admins in Telegram directly. @alekseystupakov and @helena_buru will tell you more details about the program.

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