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Blockchain Practitioner Conference 2018

Today the representatives of DataTrading have started a fruitful and promising business trip to China. The first event that Anton Vokrug, Eugene Potemskyi, and Julia Chashchina have attended was the Blockchain Practitioner Conference China 2018.

As a speaker of the conference, Eugene Potemskyi shared the DataTrading experience of integrating blockchain into the trading industry. His speech has given rise to many questions and discussions from delegates and exhibitors from all around the world. Moreover, the DataTrading team had a chance to meet with a number of influential investors and representatives of projects from 20+ countries.

“DataTrading found a huge number of supporters from all over the world. Blockchain Practitioner Conference brought together amazing companies, startups, and projects, which will continue actively developing the blockchain technology in their countries. Representing DataTrading on such events is a great honor. What can be better than realizing that your project is the best of the best?!”

– Eugene Potemskyi, CBDO.

Stay tuned for more news from the DataTrading business trip to China!

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