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Backtesting story. Part 2

Last time we shared results of the backtest to BTC. This time let’s talk about your potential profit in USDT you can make with DataTrading. Just remind you that the backtest lasted six months and covered over 130 top trading pairs of


Binance. So, here we go:


HoldSlow tradingFast trading
March-38.13%+ 4.06%+ 33.98%
April+ 55.27%+ 38.76%+ 43.28%
May-24.03%– 7.28%+ 9.76%
June-26.27%+ 5.62%+ 13.93%
July+ 2.63%– 4.64%+ 4.49%
August-21.36%+ 5.20%+ 20.07%
AVERAGE-8.65%+ 8.94%+ 20.91%



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