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Average monthly profit to BTC (March – August, 2018)

Our developer team rolled out fresh backtesting results over the last six months. While the pure trading backtest uses Entry Points only to calculate the final profit, our developers came up with an idea how to take in consideration unavoidable deviations that happen in real life all the time. When deviations from Entry Points are minimal as if a fast trader reacts on signals immediately they get a «fast trading» model of profitability. When deviations are quite big but still within the signal recommendations as if a slow trader reacts the signals over some time, our developers get a «slow trading» model of profitability. This is how our team make technical outcome more human-like. And now it’s high time to show you all monthly results to BTC. Enjoy!

HoldSlow tradingFast trading
March-15.84 %+ 17.90 %+ 30.13 %
April+ 47.14 %+ 49.68 %+ 62.39 %
May-19.81 %-0.96 %+ 12.64 %
June-28.41 %-0.09 %+ 1.86 %
July-25.75 %-4.64 %+ 9.00 %
August-16.47 %+ 14.66 %+ 30.75 %
AVERAGE-9.86 %+ 12.76 %+ 24.46 %


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