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14 Feb 2019

Who says respectable traders can’t be romantic people?

Even among chart patterns they sometimes recognize figures of Big Love and Strong Passion. Actually, you don’t need to be a professional expert of technical analysis to distinguish them in your life. Wherever you are the patterns always signal the start of a new bright trend. But be careful and look out — the risks are…

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05 Feb 2019

Unlock the full power of DataTrading updates

Start with easy onboarding. Since now you can log in and sign up via your Facebook account. The user flow has also become smoother and handier. Check out charts to make sure. Finally, we have added a 4-day free trial so that new customers can explore all the secrets of smart trading for free. DataTrading…

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22 Jan 2019

Are you a trader, individual investor, hedge fund manager, RIA or financial advisor?

We have good news for you. Stock market signals powered by DataTrading Artificial Intelligence are now 25% off. Signals are being updated once a regular trading session—from 2.30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. according to Eastern Standard Time (EST—USA). Trading recommendations are actual within 14 days since the moment of generation. It’s time to increase your…

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10 Jan 2019

The DataTrading forward testing results on real money are ready!

Today the DataTrading team is ready to share the forward testing results on real money with our community! We have been doing test trading during the last 6 weeks (October – December 2018). Every day we traded 3 different coins presented on the DataTrading platform in accordance with the signals generated by our system (…

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27 Dec 2018

🚀NYSE and NASDAQ signals were added on the DataTrading platform!🚀

The Christmas time has arrived and we are ready to share some amazing news with you! Since now on, the signals for the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are available on the platform! You can enjoy the high quality of smart trading on the US stock markets with the help of innovative AI Screener…

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24 Dec 2018

Enjoying traditional Xmas rally in crypto?

 🎄🎄🎄Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate. And Happy holidays to all of you. As sure as spring will follow winter, prosperity and economic growth will follow recession and crisis. Be patient and don’t give up! May the force of financial cycles be with you! 🎄🎄🎄

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19 Dec 2018

Our CEO Anton Vokrug has revealed some secrets about DataTrading and the future of the cryptocurrency industry in an exclusive interview!

“It is likely that after extensive regulation large companies will pay huge amounts of money for crypto projects which will survive. Those projects will evolve into companies with a serious product which really solve some important problems”. 🔥 Proceed to reading right now! 🔥 

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06 Dec 2018

BTC and ETH payment options are added on the DataTrading platform!

Purchasing the DataTrading sets became easier than ever! Since now on, our team has added the BTC and ETH payment options on the DataTrading platform! The DataTrading users can choose between the DataTrading token, Bitcoin or Ethereum when purchasing the sets. Already have a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet? Simply choose BTC or ETH payment options…

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21 Nov 2018

DataTrading is a story that excites

DataTrading is an AI-based platform for smart trading decisions. DataTrading AI-screener and Trade adviser will help you to make trades wisely and don’t lose money. Even on falling market DataTrading screener gives positive results with long-only strategy.

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16 Nov 2018

The minor updates of the DataTrading platform

Today our team is ready to introduce the minor updates of the DataTrading platform, which will make the user experience even more broad and exciting! First of all, we have improved the graphs attached to each of the 170+ trading pairs available on the platform. Since now on, users will be able to track the…

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